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Mobile App Terms & Conditions

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Before using the Endeavour Mutual Bank Mobile App, please read the following Terms and Conditions

1. Getting Started

You will need to be registered with Internet Banking before being able to use the Mobile App. You will be required to have a member number as well as a password. If you have not registered with Internet Banking, contact Endeavour Mutual Bank on 1300 13 14 20.

2. Introducing the Mobile App

With the Mobile App, you can pay your bills using BPAY® and make payments to others using their Australian BSB and account number, check your account balance(s), transaction history, and transfer money between your Endeavour Mutual Bank accounts.
You must only use the Mobile App with a compatible iPhone or Android device. You can install and register the Mobile App onto 5 devices.
These terms govern your use of the Mobile App, together with the Endeavour Mutual Bank Account & Access Facility Terms & Conditions of Use.

3. Making payments

3.1 Making Payments using a BSB and account number
Payments will be processed by BSB and account number only, without using an account name. Some institutions with unique account numbers may disregard the BSB number. Please take care to enter the correct BSB and account number as you may not be able to recover a payment if it is credited to a mistaken account - e.g. if there are no funds in the account. 
3.2 Making Payments using BPAY
Payments will be processed by using a valid Biller Code and Customer Reference Number. Although the Mobile App performs checks for a valid Biller Code, it is your responsibility to ensure all details are entered correctly as you may not be able to recover a payment if it is credited to the wrong Biller or to an incorrect Customer Reference Number. 
3.3 Making Payments using Osko
Osko allows the making and receiving of payments in near real-time in the Endeavour Mutual Bank Mobile App. This is completed with the use of a registered PayID or an Osko enabled Bank Account.
When making a payment, Osko will be the fastest and preferred method to process the payment, when it is available. Osko will be used to complete payments, in near real-time, when:

  • it is to a PayID that is registered to receive Osko payments 
  • the BSB and account number where the recipient bank has Osko enabled for that account 
  • the account type supports the receipt of Osko payments 

When these are unavailable, the payment will be cleared using traditional methods. 
In the Mobile App initiation for the registration of linked contact details to receive Osko payments can be commenced.  The PayID will be linked to the bank account that you select (not available on all accounts).  This linked account is where Osko payments made to you will be deposited.
The Mobile App allows the viewing of existing registered PayID’s and allows maintenance on these.  This will allow the account that is linked to a PayID to be changed.

4. Use of the Branch Finder

You are able to locate Endeavour Mutual Bank branches Australia-wide. Although care has been taken to represent accurate information and hours of operation some may be presented differently on the maps.

5. General Conditions

5.1 Mobile App Passcode
When you register for the Mobile App, you are required to set up a Mobile App passcode. You can change this passcode at any time, once you have logged into the Mobile App. 
5.2 Protecting your Mobile App Passcode
You should always:

  • memorise the passcode as soon as possible - but if you record it, carefully disguise it so that others can't decipher it; 
  • use a unique number that is not obvious or can't be easily guessed (e.g. don't use your date of birth or driver's licence number); and 
  • take precautions when using the Mobile App (e.g. don’t let anyone watch you enter your passcode). 

You must never:

  • tell or let anyone find out your passcode - not even family or friends; 
  • record a passcode on your device or computer; 
  • keep a record of the passcode with your device. 

5.3 Other things you must do

Lock your mobile phone device and take any reasonable steps to stop unauthorised use of the Mobile App or disclosure of your card details. 
Notify Endeavour immediately if your device is lost or stolen or you suspect your Mobile App access passcode or your card details have become known to someone else. If your device is lost or stolen, also let Endeavour know if Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay has been set up on your device. You can contact Endeavour on 1300 13 14 20 within Australia or +61 2 9245 1040 if overseas to report the theft, loss, or misuse of your Android device or iPhone device, or breach of passcode security. 
Only install approved applications on your Android device or iPhone and never override the software lockdown (i.e. rooted device). 
If you stop using an Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay supported device, make sure you first remove from the device any cards you have selected for contactless payments. You can do this through the Digital Wallet providers (Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay). Please note: deleting the Mobile App or restoring the device to factory default will not delete the cards. You must remove the cards prior to deleting the Mobile App. 

5.4 Other things you must never do
Don't ever:

  • Allow another person to use your device to make purchases or payments.
  • Leave your device unattended.
  • Use the Mobile App with a device other than a compatible iPhone or Android device

6. Other things you should know

6.1 Using the Mobile App on more than one device
You can only install and register the Mobile App on a single Android or iPhone device. 
If you are no longer in possession of your registered device, you can remove that device by registering another device or by calling Endeavour Mutual Bank on 1300 13 14 20. 

  • You can install and register the Mobile App only on one device at a time with your internet banking login. 
  • If you are no longer in possession of one or more of your registered devices, you should remove them from your devices list from the 'Settings' menu, or by calling 1300 13 14 20. 
  • For security reasons, logging on to the Mobile App concurrently with another device(s) will terminate the session of the device that was last logged on. 

6.2 Your account balance may include cheques awaiting clearance
When checking your account balance, please note that the amount described as available funds will not include cheques subject to clearance. 
6.3 Fees
Any transaction fees and charges that apply to your Endeavour Mutual Bank accounts may apply to transactions made using the Mobile App. For more information refer to the Endeavour Mutual Bank Transaction Fees and Transaction Limits brochure or call 1300 13 14 20. 
You may incur charges from your mobile service provider for downloading and using the Mobile App. You may also be charged fees or charges by merchants for using the facility. 
6.4 Using your location data
If you grant the Mobile App permission to use your mobile device location information then you also consent to Endeavour logging this location information for security purposes and to enable other Mobile App functionality where location information is required (e.g. nearest ATM). 
6.5 Suspension or termination
Endeavour Mutual Bank may suspend or terminate your use of the Mobile App without notice at any time e.g. if it is suspect unauthorised transactions have occurred or that the Mobile App is being misused. 
6.6 Reporting Lost and Stolen Cards

  • Cancelling your card through the Lost and Stolen process, using the Mobile App, does not mean that you have disputed any unauthorised transactions made on your account. Call Endeavour right away if you need to report any unauthorised transactions. 
  • The report lost or stolen function is reliant on computer and/or telecommunications systems. Disruptions to these systems may result in the report of damaged and lost or stolen functions being unavailable from time to time. 
  • While Endeavour makes every attempt to decline transactions once you have completed the lost/stolen process, some transactions may still go through e.g. transactions that are not sent to Endeavour for authorisation including some contactless payments or transactions processed when there is a system interruption. If you identify any unauthorised transaction you can lodge a dispute with Endeavour. 
  • Reporting a card as lost/stolen will cause all transactions against the card to be declined including any recurring payments linked to your Visa card. 
  • The cardholder can report their card lost or stolen using the report lost/stolen function, however, the settings will only apply to the card(s) held by that cardholder.

6.7 Push Notifications
The Endeavour Mutual Bank app has push notification functionality meaning that Endeavour Mutual Bank can send push notifications in the form of service announcements and marketing messages.  
There is an option within the Notification menu of the app that allows the app user to switch this functionality on or off. If the functionality is switched off within the app, only important service announcements will be sent to you via a push notification
Push notification alerts can also be managed from your phone settings. These settings will override any settings selected within the app. 

7. Disclosures

7.1 Changes to these Terms
Endeavour Mutual bank may change these Terms at any time without prior notice. Endeavour will notify you of any material changes by electronic notice to you via your device, the Google Play or App Store. Endeavour may require you to confirm your acceptance of changes as a condition of allowing you to continue using the Mobile App. 
7.2 Meaning of words
Card details means the card number and expiry date or security/verification code of an Endeavour Mutual Bank Visa card linked to the Mobile App. 
Endeavour Mutual Bank Approved Card means any card that can be used for contactless payments on a supported device. You will be notified if your cards qualify when you elect to set up contactless payments from within the Mobile App. 
Your account means any Endeavour Mutual Bank account accessible using online banking. 
Compatible Android means Android devices that meet the requirements listed in the Google Store. 
The Mobile App means the Mobile App service described in section 1. 
We, us, our or Endeavour Bank means Endeavour Mutual Bank a division of Australian Mutual Bank Ltd ABN 93 087 650 726. 
You or your means the person downloading the Mobile App. 
Please review the Endeavour Mutual Bank Privacy Policy here and the Endeavour Mutual Bank Account & Access Facility Terms & Conditions of Use