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Foreign Currency

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Foreign Currency made simple

At Endeavbour Mutual Bank we like to make things simple for our members, so that you get the foreign cash you need for your overseas trips without the hassle and cost of purchasing local currency at your destination – whether you need cash for meals, tips, transport - we’ve got you covered. In partnership with Travelex, we offer a wide range of foreign currencies at competitive exchange rates and in a broad range of denominations*. Order at any of our branches or call 1300 13 14 20 for further assistance. Choose when you would like to collect your foreign cash** from your selected Endeavbour Mutual Bank branch when you make your order.

Have leftover currency when you come home?

We can conveniently convert your foreign currency notes or cheques into Australian Dollars. Should you have excess foreign cash, or receive a foreign currency cheque, you are able to exchange these for Australian Dollars via our branch*. Ask in-store at any of our branches for more information.

*Fees & Charges apply. Travelex Limited (Travelex) ABN 36 004 179 953, AFSL No. 222444 is an Australian financial services licensee and arranges for the supply of Foreign Cash.

**subject to availability and chosen payment method.