Automate your savings

Transfer part of your pay into your savings account. You can ask your employer to do this for you or you can set up an automated payment. This way, you’re saving without even having to think about it.

Prep for grocery shopping

Check your pantry and make a grocery list, plan your meals in advance and only shop for the ingredients you need. Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season or on sale. A little extra work before going to the store can go a long way to helping save money on groceries.

Refinance your personal loan or mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage or personal loan might save you hundreds of dollars each month. Talk to our lenders to find out how much you might save.

Find ways you can cut your spending

Look through the last 3 months of your bank statement and see if you can trim any non-essential everyday expenses. Uncheck the auto-renew option on any subscriptions you aren’t using regularly, such as streaming services, gym or subscriptions.

Set a savings goal

Your savings goal may be short-term like buying a TV or car; long-term, like purchasing a house, setting up an emergency fund or planning that next home renovation. After you identify your savings goals, you can start to prioritise your savings and start working on your savings plan.

To help you get started you can use our online Budget Planner to better understand your expenses and start taking control of your finances. If you’re after a free and fast financial health check to ensure that you’re taking full advantage of your membership with Endeavour Mutual Bank, our Member Service Officers are on hand to give you some practical guidance on how our services can maximise your savings and achieve your goal sooner.

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