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Important upgrades to our mobile banking app

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27 March 2020

On 6 April 2020 we are rolling out version 4.2.2 of Endeavour Mutual Bank mobile app which contains important security updates. If your mobile device is not set to update installed apps automatically, please ensure you update the mobile banking app prior to 20 April 2020, as the previous version of the app will stop functioning after this date.

Members using Android mobile devices who have upgraded their operating system after the last mobile app upgrade may also be required to re-register the app. This requires your member number and internet banking access code. If you are not familiar with this information, please contact us on 1300 13 14 20 to walk you through the process. .

Introducing SMS verification to mobile banking app

On 14 April 2020 we will roll out an extra layer of protection to your mobile banking app via SMS verification. A unique authorisation code will be sent to your mobile phone when you use an SMS verification feature through the mobile banking app. Simply enter the code and you're done!

SMS Verification is an extra level of security only required when performing the following functions: 

  • registering for the mobile app
  • registering the app on any device that is not already registered
  • completing a payment to a Payee who is not already saved in the address book (if the Payee is saved to the address book when making a payment, completing SMS verification will not be required when making further payments to that Payee)

After upgrading to version 4.2.2, existing mobile app users will see no difference when they login to the app. They will however need to use SMS verification when they make payments to new Payees.

What mobile number will the SMS verification code be sent to?

The SMS verification code will be sent to your primary mobile number that we have on file. You can check this number in your Internet Banking, selecting My Preferences / Update Contact Details. The SMS code will not be sent to the mobile number used when registering for the app, unless this is the same number.

What happens if I don’t have a mobile number registered?

Members will need to register a mobile number to receive the SMS verification code. Without this they will not be able to register for the mobile app or make payments to new Payees.

How do I register my mobile number?

To register your mobile number, please call our Contact Centre on 1300 13 14 20. After registering your mobile number, please allow 24 hours before trying to complete the SMS verification.

What happens if I need to change my mobile number?

Please call our Contact Centre on 1300 13 14 20 if you need to have your mobile number changed. When the mobile number is updated, please allow 24 hours before trying to complete the SMS verification.

How much time do I have to enter the SMS verification code?

The SMS verification code is valid for 10 min.

How many code validation failed attempts are accepted?

The maximum number of validation attempts of an SMS Verification code is three. You will need to wait until the end of the calendar day to request a new SMS verification code.

How many times can I request SMS verification codes without validating?

The maximum number of SMS verification codes that will be issued to a member, within a calendar day, without successfully validating a code, is six.

Is there a limit for the number of SMS verification codes used per day?

The maximum number of SMS verification codes that will be issued to a member within a calendar day is 25.


Financial assistance for Members affected by COVID-19 & the expected economic slowdown

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25 March 2020

As we are dealing with the growing challenges and outcomes of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like you to know that at Endeavour Mutual Bank our priority is the financial and personal wellbeing of our members.

If you become ill or experience financial stress, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can work through your options together. A range of measures are available to assist our members including deferment of loan repayments, for up to six months (with a three month checkpoint) for members in need. For the duration of the support period no repayments are required; during this time however interest will continue.

Other options that may be able to assist during this time are available, including:

  • Accessing additional money available for redraw (for eligible loans)
  • Reducing the repayments to the minimum amount
  • Accessing off-set savings

If you wish to apply for financial relief, please send us an email at and one of our friendly staff will contact you to assist.

Please be assured that, as always, Endeavour Mutual Bank will work with and support members during challenging times. We want to get through this together.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from our CEO

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23 March 2020

Dear members,

The COVID-19 pandemic means we are all facing challenges and uncertainty in many areas of our lives. At Endeavour Mutual Bank we are actively monitoring the situation and have plans and actions in place to minimise the risks and to ensure we can quickly respond to updated information.

I would like to reassure you that we are prepared to face the challenges, and can continue to deliver banking services while safeguarding the well-being of our staff, members and the wider community.

Flexible banking options

Our network of branches is open for business as usual and our branch staff are following the social distancing practices and implementing strict hygiene advice recommended by the government. If your visit to a branch is not strictly necessary, you can continue your everyday banking with us via one of these channels:

For ease of access, please consider ordering a Visa Debit card, if you don't have one already. Visa Debit card is connected to your transaction account, which means you can add your card to your mobile wallet, make contactless payments and shop in-store or online, anytime, anywhere.

Talk to us

Our Contact Centre continues to operate Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm and Saturday: 8.30am - 11.30am to provide you with assistance. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on 1300 13 14 20 or email us on Live chat is also available on our website, however please note that for security reasons, we can only answer general enquiries. If you'd like to discuss your account details, please call our Contact Centre.

We're here to help

If you are experiencing financial hardship due to the impact of COVID-19, please contact us to discuss your individual situation. As always, we stand ready to help members in financial difficulty, so please call us on 1300 13 14 20 Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm and Saturday: 8.30am - 11.30am if you are in need of assistance.

Protect yourself from fraud

Unfortunately, scammers will try to take advantage of situations like this. Please remember that we will never send you unsolicited emails asking for personal identification like passwords, PINs, credit card or account information.

We will provide further updates to members if there are any important changes in circumstances. As further updates are available, they will be posted on our website and social media pages. 

Thank you for your continued support, and we wish you the best in health and wellness.

Mark Worthington


RBA Official Cash Rate Decision 19 March 2020 - Member Update

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20 March 2020

On Thursday 19 March the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a further reduction of 0.25% to the official target cash rate which is now at a historic low of 0.25%. The second rate cut this month reflects the major impact Coronavirus/COVID-19 is having on the Australian economy. Endeavour Mutual Bank is committed to offering its members the best possible rates on all its home loans and we are currently analysing the impact of the RBA’s decision. Balancing the interests of all saving and borrowing members is always the number one priority.

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Home Loan Interest Rate Changes

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18 March 2020

After a comprehensive review of the rates on home loans and our savings / deposit products, Endeavour Mutual Bank has decided to reduce the rates on home loan products while also trying to maintain competitive rates on our savings products.

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Response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation

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17 March 2020

As the Coronavirus / COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Endeavour Mutual Bank's (EMB) approach is to focus on the health and wellbeing of staff and members, and we are doing this by ensuring our actions are based on expert medical advice from government authorities.

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Australian Mutual Bank donates $10,000 to the AMF Bushfire Appeal

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13 March 2020

Australian Mutual Bank Ltd, through its divisions Sydney Mutual Bank and Endeavour Mutual Bank, donated $10,000 to the Australian Bushfire Appeal via the Australian Mutuals Foundation's (AMF) disaster relief portal to help support those impacted by the bushfire crisis.

The AMF re-directs 100% of donations received to the St Vincent De Paul Society to help those affected rebuild their lives - with food, clothing, furniture, other essentials, and funds to pay bills.

Vinnies support includes:

  • Providing food, clothing, essential items and grocery vouchers for people who have lost everything
  • Paying unexpected bills as people work through the recovery process
  • Making referrals to specialised organisations providing crisis accommodation
  • Giving much-needed emotional support, as well as practical assistance to pick up the pieces after homes are lost

About the Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF)

Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF) provides a vehicle for Mutual Banks, Credit Unions, Building Society and Cooperative Banking to assist needy children in Australia, alleviate poverty in communities in South East Asia and the Pacific through sustainable cooperative financial organisations, and provides a mechanism for donations to assist those affected by natural disasters.


RBA Official Cash Rate Decision - Member Update

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12 March 2020

On Tuesday 3 March the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a 0.25% cut to the official target cash rate which is now at a historic low of 0.50%. Endeavour Mutual Bank is committed to offering its members the best possible rates on all its home loans and we are currently analysing the impact of the RBA’s decision.

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Central Branch is relocating to the CBD

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06 March 2020

The Central branch has been operating and providing banking services to members for over twenty years. Due to a future redevelopment of the area, our Central branch will be combining with our CBD branch (branded Sydney Mutual Bank).

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Notice of redirection stop for defunct websites

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28 February 2020

Automated domain redirection is IT best practice used to forward website visitors from one web address to another when a website has rebranded and permanently moved to a new address. This gives visitors an easy way to find the correct website without getting lost until they familiarise themselves with the new web address.

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Change your card PIN anytime

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25 February 2020

Did you know that you have the ability to change your card's PIN anytime using the Endeavour Mutual Bank Mobile App?

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Reminder: Important Changes to the Christmas Club Account

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17 February 2020

Christmas savings accounts are designed to help you save money for your holiday shopping, without having to use your everyday money or your available credit.

As advised in August 2019 via the Special Edition of the Endeavour Newsletter, these changes to the Christmas Club savings account have come into effect on 1st October 2019:

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Police investigate scam targeting elderly residents

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13 February 2020

Detectives have released CCTV vision and are appealing for public information following reports of an elaborate phone and credit card fraud targeting elderly residents across Sydney.

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